Compare Insurance if You Want to Save Money

Car compare quotes for buying the best insurance for your vehicle

The reason to compare insurance is to find the most inexpensive auto insurance policy. By comparing quotes from several companies, it’s easy to tell who is offering the best deal for that amount of insurance. However, to make insurance comparisons effective, you have to know what kind of coverage to ask for and then get quotes from plenty of companies.

How to Get Cheap Quotes Before You Compare Insurance

  • What coverage do you need? Only ask for the coverage that you feel is necessary for your personal situation. Many auto policies include rental coverage and emergency roadside service coverage. If you already have those services from an AAA membership or elsewhere you can deny that coverage. You can also decline collision and comprehensive coverage, but that creates a trickier situation. Collision pays for damage to your vehicle from a wreck and comprehensive pays for damage from other causes, such as fire or flood. If you go without either, there will be no money to repair or replace your vehicle in the event of an accident that’s your fault.
  • Get the liability you need. You can also keep costs down by going with a minimum of liability insurance. Liability pays for bodily injuries and property damage for other drivers and passengers in a wreck that you caused. The risk with low liability limits is that a serious accident will exceed those limits. If so, you can be personally sued.
  • Set deductibles high. Higher deductibles save money on auto insurance. A common deductible is $250 or $500, but moving the level to $1,000 can save as much as 30 percent on auto insurance. The risk in this situation is setting a deductible – which has to be paid out of pocket by the driver every time there is an insurance claim – which you can’t afford. That could lead to a canceled insurance policy – or worse.

How to Compare Insurance Quotes

Now that you understand some of the prime areas of an auto insurance policy where decisions by a driver can affect the price, it’s time to use that information to get compare insurance quotes. Follow this advice to make the most of the quote process or follow these steps to find the most effective steps:

  • Get plenty of quotes. The goal is to have insurance companies competing for your business. Every quote you get for a specific amount of auto insurance is that company’s best effort to get your business. The more quotes, the more likely you will find a company that offers the cheapest auto insurance available. Choose companies from ads or recommendations from friends and family. Search the Internet for possibilities and feel free to use services like, which take your information and get quotes from a variety of companies.
  • Follow a script for all quotes. It’s very important to ask each company for the exact same level of coverage and to provide the same personal and vehicle information. That way, you are comparing price quotes for exactly the same coverage.
  • Look over the quotes. The last thing to do when you compare insurance quotes is to put the quotes side by side and double check that each is for the exact same policy limits. You also should read the quote carefully to make sure there aren’t any hidden fees or charges and you should know how to compare these quotes effectively.

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